Situated in Switzerland, Geneva is one of the most global cities in the world. It is the worldwide centre for diplomacy and also holds one of the U.N.’s headquarters.

The Russian Orthodox Church in Geneva also called Eglise Russe is a sight to behold. Its architecture is typical of the 19th century and its construction was financed by the Grand Duchess Anna Fyodorovna.

Grimm, a professor at the St-Petersburg Academy is responsible for its magnificent design. He was influenced by the Byzantine Moscovite style of architecture and this is evident in the church’s prominent gold coloured onion domes and the Byzantine-style striped arches that welcome one at the entrance.

A lot of fascinating objects are present in the interior, most of it having been donated by the Russian Royal family. A large number of iconic artifacts of the 19th century can also be seen here.

All in all it is a place worth visiting for like any other church this too features a calm serene atmosphere which serves to carry one away from the rush of daily life.

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