The History of Geneva

Geneva history was documented for the first time back between 1765 and 1766 by William Bartram and John. This was followed by a series of other documentations such as:

· In 1850, Daniel Britton who was an anthropologist
· In 1875, Geneva history was also documented by Harvard university scientists
· Architectural mad archeological cultural resources study in 1875

In 1800s, one of the heads of Russian families by the name Progar Debogory settled in Geneva. After settling, he donated part of his land to be converted into a cemetery currently known as Geneva cemetery. Presently, this cemetery has a total of 17 remains of United States civil war soldiers. Out of the seventeen soldiers, 15 of them worked in the confederacy while only two had their duties in the union. History has it that the total number of the soldiers buried in Geneva cemetery was eighteen but one of them was removed to be buried elsewhere by his family.

During the early days in Geneva, schools were established in people’s homes. Propar Debogaory gave away his land to establish the first formal school back in 1874 which provided formal education. Later, in 1903, a one room school was set up in order to replace the old schoolhouse. Due to the increase in the number of students, a new 4 roomed house was built to serve as an accommodation hostel.

In order to provide knowledge on both farming skills and home economics, a principal by the name W.L Seig introduced a program of its kind dubbed 4-H program. The program was facilitated by Rollins College. Due to an exceptional performance of the program, it went into history books and it’s documented in the history of Seminole county public schools.

There was a construction of an elementary school in 1988 which surrounded the old brick schoolhouse. After this construction, the schoolhouse has served a lot of other functions such as:

· A community centre
· A family resource centre in 1995
· A heritage centre in 2008

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